CEVILOG has customers across a broad range of sectors of industry, bringing them solutions that meet their constant concern to improve the quality of their product as well as to make economic savings.

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100% inspection of production for greater health safety and traceability.

Inspection of capsules

  • Checking the integrity of the capsule.
  • Checking the product’s appearance and for cosmetic defects.
  • Counting items in blister packs.

Code reading

  • Reading of codes on packets (bar codes, Datamatrix, etc.).

  • Reading to double-check batch numbers and use-by dates.

  • Implementation of serial numbering solutions.

Solutions contrôles qualités secteur pharmaceutique – Strasbourg, Alsace


Inspection of every product to guarantee quality and aesthetics.

Solutions contrôles qualités secteur cosmétique – Strasbourg, Alsace

Inspection of packaging

  • Presence of different components (bottles, tops, leaflets).
  • Checking the appearance and aesthetics of the box.
  • Foolproof systems to distinguish different batches and similar products.

Assembly of mascara tubes

  • Positioning and orientation of the tubes.

  • Checking the integrity of the mascara brush.

  • Inspection after assembly and boxing.


Reliable controls to guarantee food safety.

Bottle inspection

  • Checking fill levels.

  • Checking the presence of bottle tops, that they are screwed up and the tamper-evident ring is present and intact.

  • Presence and positioning of labels on bottles.

Inspection of pizzas

  • Checking the geometric shape of pizzas.

  • Checking the presence and even distribution of all the ingredients on the surface.

Solutions contrôles qualités secteur agroalimentaire – Strasbourg, Alsace


Automating processes while guaranteeing optimum quality.

Solutions contrôles qualités secteur automobile – Strasbourg, Alsace

Checking car rear windows with an infrared camera

  • Checking rear window defrosters are working properly.

  • Checking that primer is correctly applied before depositing the adhesive.

Inspecting tyres

  • Reading the codes on tyre sidewalls.

  • Locating and picking up tyres from racks.


Total inspection to ensure optimum product functioning.

Checking weld seams

  • Detection of welding and soldering defects in components (gaps, wires too near the surface, weld appearance).

Checking of pad printing quality

  • Checking print quality against an image using artificial intelligence.

Solutions contrôles qualités secteur électronique – Strasbourg, Alsace


Automated scanning to guarantee traceability.

Solutions contrôles qualités secteur logistique – Strasbourg, Alsace

Code reading

  • Reading of codes on boxes and pallets (bar codes, Datamatrix, etc.).

Automatic batch checking using cobots

  • Automatic reading of codes on products in boxes by cobots.

  • Checking the integrity of incoming batches.

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